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Monday, October 26, 2009

Trip to the Colorado Railroad Museum

**This is from a year back or so, but since I am trying to convert all the family stuff over to my new blog I thought I would go ahead and post this**

This past week, our family paid a visit to the Colorado Railroad Museum in Golden, Colorado. Here are a few pictures and videos from the trip:

Here is the entrance to the Colorado Railroad Museum. Inside there is a LARGE assortment of toy trains that are sure to make your three-year-old drool with delight. The building also houses a number of smaller artifacts and exhibits from the early days of Colorado railroading.

Here are Jaxson and Mom standing next to the oldest train in the museum. For a boy that plays and dreams about trains 24/7, this museum was like heaven on earth!

Jaxson working hard as the conductor for the day.

This is a 19th century passenger car that was exclusively reserved for the "Jet Set" passenger. The seats actually reclined to about the same degree as the coach seats on an airplane (which as we all know is not much).
Here is the first of two videos that we took. Like I mentioned before, Jaxson was walking on air the whole time, as you can tell from the video.

Dad and Jaxson hanging out in one of the many engines.

Playing with all of the gauges and buttons of an old engine!

Jaxson and Zakary taking in all of the sites!

Jaxson was not the only one that enjoyed the museum. Though only a year old, Zakary could not be contained!

Zakary hanging out with his most favorite person in the world. Yes, he is the biggest "Momma's boy" I have ever met!

Jaxson playing on the caboose. Not as cool as an engine, but it will do.

Dad and Jaxson uncoupling the train cars.

The little man going the wrong way.
And here is the final video:

So, if you are ever passing through Golden, Colorado keep in mind that the town has a lot more to see than the stupid factory for Coors beer. The Colorado Railroad Museum is sure to not disappoint, especially if you have the imagination and energy of a three-year-old!

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