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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Colorado Springs Zoo is THE BEST!

Here's some older pics from last year. I'm still moving some of the older family pics over to my new blog, so I apologize for not posting anything new. It will happen...just give me time. These pics are of one of our many trips to the WORLD FAMOUS Colorado Springs Zoo, which really is one of the coolest zoos I have ever been to.

Jaxson checking out the tigers!

The Colorado Springs Zoo just finished its newest exhibit, which features three grizzly bears. It was pretty impressive!

With the water tank next to the glass, the bears are very easy to see.

Zakary having a blast!

Hanging out with Mom!

Jaxson on his favorite ride.

Zakary's first time on a ride of any kind.

Checking out the gorillas.

Over Christmas, this mother gorilla gave birth to a new baby! At first the baby was not expected to survive, but as you can see, the baby is thriving today.

Jaxson and Zakary saying hi to a "distant cousin."

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