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Monday, November 9, 2009

Cooking With Corazon, Episode X

"Juicy Lucy"

I have never been to Minneapolis. In fact, I have never been to Minnesota. But I have had a taste of it. Today I made Minneapolis' signature burger: the Juicy Lucy. As opposed to traditional cheeseburgers with the cheese draped over or under the meat, the Juicy Lucy actually cooks the cheese INSIDE of the meat itself:

Pretty delicious. The cheese (I used provolone and cheddar) comes gushing out as soon as the meat barrier is broken. And be careful, the cheese is HOT!

And though the origins of the Juicy Lucy are somewhat debated, most people recognize Matt's Bar in Minneapolis as the birthplace of the Juicy Lucy (they spell it "Jucy Lucy").

Ok, so here are the ingredients for my version of the Juicy Lucy:

-1/2 lb lean ground beef
-1 slice cheddar cheese
-1 slice provolone cheese
-Some avocado (I love avocado on ALL burgers).
-Some ketchup
-Some Mustard
-A few spinach leaves (I like them more than lettuce...better flavor in my opinion)
-Some sweet pickles

***Basically add whatever stuff you want to the burger. It's all personal preference.***


-Take half the ground beef and pat it till flat (like a typical burger)
-Make a small indentation in the center of the meat
-Place cheese in the center of the patty
-Top cheese with the other half of your ground beef.
-Crimp the corners making one patty (with cheese inside)
-Cook it and scarf it!

Pretty good! A fun little twist on a typical burger.

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