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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Trip to a Mine...a REAL Mine

This weekend our family took a trip up to Cripple Creek, Co. to pay a visit to the Mollie Kathleen Mine. Cripple Creek is a fascinating little town for anyone interested in western/mining history, and the Mollie Kathleen Mine is one of many gold mines that dot the region. Here are a few pictures (and a brief video) of our getaway:

The beautiful mountain valley where Cripple Creek rests.
This is the "elevator" system that drops you 1,000 ft. under the earth.
Some of the old mining equipment from the latter part of the 19th century/early 20th century.
One of the old mines that exist around the Cripple Creek area.
And off we go!
Heavyweight boxing champion Jack Dempsey (they actually misspelled his name on this plaque), who grew up in Victor, Co. (just outside of Cripple Creek) worked this mine for two weeks and quit, stating that the work was too hard. This coming from a man who many consider to be one of the finest boxers in history.
One of the many drills in the mine.
Our heavy duty miners!
Mom and her miners
The aftermath of a busy day.

And here is a brief video of our "train ride" inside the mine. Sorry that there wasn't better lighting. It's a mine...go figure:

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