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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Trip to the Denver Aquarium

Today our family decided to take a drive up to downtown Denver to visit the famous Denver Aquarium. Take a look:

Outside the entrance to the Denver Aquarium are several really neat attractions. It's almost as fun as the aquarium itself.
This tunnel is about 50 feet long and has a large assortment of different aquatic life, including sea turtles and sharks. VERY impressive!
There are quite a few of these little "cubby holes" for kids to play with. Zakary said it was "like being a fish."
Stingray with a bunch of fish:
For a price (a substantial price) you can go scuba dive with all of the fish, turtles, sharks, etc. at the aquarium.
Yeah, they actually have a tiger at this place. Sadly, the tiger wasn't interested in playing in the water. The last time we visited the aquarium (3 years ago) he was all over the place. I guess they can't all be winners.
A very rare and expensive Asian fish. That's all I know. I bet it tastes good with tarter sauce!
The world famous piranha.
The beautiful entrance to the "Rainforest Room."
And here are a couple of videos of our trip. The first one is of the "Rainforest Room" and the sharks. The second is of Jaxson and Zakary trying to pet the stingrays. Jaxson even tries to feed them.

And here are Jaxson and Zakary attempting to pet the stingrays. Hysterical stuff.

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