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Monday, May 23, 2011

Zakary's 4th Birdhay

This week was another milestone week in the Hart home. Zakary turned 4!!! Here are some pictures from the weekend's festivities:

On Saturday, we spent the day checking out some of Zak's favorite places. After having lunch at Rudy's Barbecue we traveled up to Woodland Park (beautiful area by the way) and visited the Rocky Mountain Dinosaur Museum.

The following skeleton is of a mid-sized female Tyrannosaurus Rex. The museum is currently in the process of putting together a very large male skeleton, which they say dwarfs this one. I don't know how that is possible. She looks pretty big to me.
Jaxson and Zakary "digging" for bones.
Jaxson and Zakary with T-Rex. Zak's favorite dinosaur has always been T-Rex, so needless to say, he was thoroughly impressed when he saw this skeleton.
Our future Paleontologists.
On Monday (Zakary's official birthday), we had a very unique dinner. Zakary wanted spaghetti, green beans, Mandarin oranges and root beer.
The dinosaur cake.
Talking with Grandma on the phone.

And here are a few videos:

The dinosaur museum:

Opening the gifts:

Cake time:

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Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness...what a cute birthday Boy! He attacked the cake just like we all want to do. What a great kid and funny video. Happy Birthday Zak!!!
Love you! Grandpa R and Grandma C