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Saturday, May 28, 2011

"Off We Go Into the Wild Blue Yonder..."

Our Family Trip to the
United States Air Force Academy

A few weeks ago, our family took an impromptu trip up to the United States Air Force Academy. Though we have been living in Colorado Springs for almost four years now, we had yet to see all that the Academy has to offer (shame on us). It was a wonderful experience. Take a look:

The Visitor Center:

The Air Force Academy has some unique history to it. Originally established in 1955, the Air Force Academy graduates roughly 1,000 cadets per year. These cadets endure four full years of intense academic and disciplinary training, so much so that roughly 500 cadets in each class end up dropping out before graduation. The Academy's intense training has helped to make the it one of the finest institutions of higher learning in the nation. In fact, Forbes Magazine has ranked it #2 (behind only Harvard), while US News ranked it #7. The Academy has even surpassed the status of West Point in a number of military reviews.

Here are some pictures of the INCREDIBLE Cadet Chapel:
Completed in 1962, the Air Force Cadet Chapel is a highlight of the academy. For over 50 years, the Academy has placed paramount emphasis on religious instruction, and the chapel is the embodiment of that emphasis. Standing over 150 feet tall, this chapel (or chapels since there are multiple meeting rooms for worship) supports a full Catholic center (which seats over 500), a Protestant worship area (the main chapel), a Jewish Synagogue, and several other multi-faith rooms. As evidenced from this chapel and the other worship areas on campus, the Air Force Academy really does practice what it preaches when it comes to the religious emphasis for their cadets.
The downstairs Catholic chapel.
The "Roll of Honor" just outside of the Cadet Chapel. Each name is of a graduate who has given his/her life in the service of the United States:
If you ever make out out to Colorado Springs, don't be silly and wait four years before visiting the Air Force Academy. It really is worth your time.

And a video:

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