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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Jaxson at Landsharks

This school year is a big one for Jaxson. Not only is he starting 1st Grade but he is also being introduced to the wonderful world of after school sports, the first of which is a local running club for elementary school kids called Landsharks. Ever since the beginning of last year, Jaxson has wanted to participate in Landsharks. Sadly, we missed the sign up date last year so he had to wait. But the wait was definitely worth it:

Jaxson with his fellow teammates.
And off they go...
Jaxson with his coach.
Getting ready for the first timed half-mile.
Hanging out with brother.
And here is the shirt!
We LOVE Frontier Elementary School! Thanks for all that you do!

And, as always, a short video:

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