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Friday, December 10, 2010

Putting up the Christmas Tree

Here are some of the highlights of our family's setting up of the Christmas tree extravaganza:

Last year our family celebrated Hanukkah (just a fun way to teach our kids about different traditions). Anyway, the tradition has stuck.
My family knows the INCREDIBLE significance of this decoration.

And here is part I of the festivities:

Part II:

The final product:

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Anonymous said...

A new tradition has begun...we will watch this video before our tree decorating festivities begins. After watching this, we are finally in the spirit to put our "jingle bells" on the tree, and sing the newest Christmas carol, "Old McDonald"!

Thanks for this one. It is sure to be a classic. We are off to trim the tree!!!

Love you all!
Gpa Riney and Gma Chrystle