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Thursday, January 12, 2012

What My Kids do With My Phone

Some "Home Videos" by
Jaxson and Zakary

So today I was surprised to notice that the memory card on my phone was near capacity. I don't download much onto my phone so I couldn't figure out what was taking up all of my memory space. After some detective work on the matter I discovered that there was a substantial amount of pictures and video that I was not aware of. What kind of pictures and video you ask? Take a look:

According to Jaxson, this is "Iron Man." Much to my delight, my kids are interested in "The Avengers" in a big way. Our house is literally covered with Iron Man, Captain America and Incredible Hulk drawings.
Here are some of the many Lego soldiers that cover our floor on a daily basis:
Spider Man protects our house day and night.
I'm not even sure where he got these teeth.

And here are some examples of what was eating up most of my phone's memory. There were probably 15-20 videos just like these.

Part I:


Part III:

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Wow, these little videos and pictures are absolute treasures! The boys have talent. I think this is how George Lucus started.

Love, G-ma Chrystle