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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Random Pics from a While Back

I found a few random pictures from a few years ago that I wanted to make sure made their way onto this blog for long term preservation. I hope all the aunts, uncles and grandparents (and stalkers) will enjoy them:

Grandma Jones' 4th of July cake: 2007
Baby Zakary, just a couple of months old. The best eyes in the family!
Jaxson being Jaxson
Hanging out at Grandma's
Uncle Ryan and Zakary meet for the first time.
Sleepin' like a baby!
Jaxson and Uncle Scott jammin'
Getting ready for another Colorado winter
Despite what grandparents may think, Zakary was not always a quiet baby.
Our three-year-old (now almost 6) going on sixteen!
Great Grandma and her three Great Grandboys (she now has four)


Brian Tubbs said...

Great pics. Thanks for sharing!

Brad Hart said...

Thanks, Brian. My kids are a little older (and more wild) now, but these take me down memory lane.