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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Bunkin' It

Today was a milestone day in the Hart family. Never again will we have children in a crib! That's right, the old baby crib (which has been to hell and back after enduring the pounding it took from both Jaxson and Zakary) has been retired and we have "upgraded" to BUNK BEDS!!! And our boys couldn't be happier:

Zakary's first "official" bed. He wasn't sad a bit to see that crib go!

Jaxson more than happy to be on the top.

And here is a video of our first night with the new beds. On a side note, it's nice to have their room smelling like fresh wood as opposed to what it usually smells like!

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Zortman Family said...

Very Fun! Bunkbeds are awesome! I remember I had a friend sleep over in elem school and she slept on the top bunk and fell off! We didn't have the cool side rails that you do!