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Friday, February 26, 2010

100 Years, 100 Songs/Movies, 100 Days: Part II


For our second installment we have a song written by Irving Berliner entitled, "Alexander's Ragtime Band" which became a huge hit in 1911. Again, there was no Billboard Top 50 in 1911 but if there were, it's a good bet that this song would have been song of the year:

And the best film of 1911, by a large consensus of film historians is "Little Nemo":

Other events from 1911:

-All across the country (particularly in N.Y.) women stage several protests demanding the right to vote.
-The United States invades Honduras (a forgotten event for the most part).
-Italy and Turkey declare war on one another.
-The Computing Tabulating Recording Corporation (IBM) is created.
-The first military airplane (the Curtiss A-1) is commissioned.
-The first ever Indianapolis 500 is held with Ray Harroun winning.
-Hiram Bingham "discovers" Machu Picchu in Peru.
-The Mona Lisa is stolen but eventually recovered.
-Chevrolet (created by Louis Chevrolet) is created to compete with Ford.
-New Delhi is made the new capitol of India.
-"Standard Oil" is declared a monopoly by the Supreme Court and forced to break apart.
-The New York Public Library is dedicated by President Taft.
-The Philadelphia Athletics win the World Series 4-1 over the N.Y. Giants. Ty Cobb becomes first player to win an MVP award.

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